Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pulm Rehab: Day One

Today was my first day of Pulm Rehab (PR). Since I've done this two other times, I knew that the first day was just prelims--that is, setting base standards, deciding what needs work and what is good, and deciding where to go from here.

Some results:
--My six minute walk (6MW) was good. My pace was nice and fast. :)
--The strength tests (which are pretty basic) were fairly good. My left thigh muscles are stronger than my right (which struck me as odd, since I'm right handed), but Jennie, my PT, said that post-transplant that's pretty common. So whatever. My ankle muscles are pretty weak but the calves are strong (woohoo!) Arms: shoudlers and biceps are good, but the triceps are weak (I knew that, since I hardly ever work the triceps. I just hate doing the kick-backs. Curls and shoulder raises are easier. :))
--Flexibility is good, since I can touch my toes now! Woohoo!

Upshot: Jennie thinks my right hip is weaker, so that's causing the thigh issues. We're going to work on setting up a cardio program, a strength-training program (well, building on what I already do), and working on some more flexibility/stretching ( as always, even though the yoga is paying off!).

We also do a stair test, which involved stepping on a stair step (one of the Reebok things you see in an aerobics video) to a 120 tempo (using a metronome). I did OK--I got about halfway through (1 1/2 minutes out of 3) before my left thigh gave up. Which was weird, because it's supposed to be the stronger one. Whatever!

I've had both of the PTs before, and Jennie has worked with my sister. Whitney (the other one, and the coordinator for PR) just had identical twins girls in September, so I'm glad she's back! The girls are adorable!

In addition to the work out part, I also get massage (yes!) and visits with Kathy once a week. Massage is truly awesome. I mean, who doesn't love that? (Jennie says there are people who don't. I don't get that. At all.)

The program is six weeks, so I'll be doing the gym rat thing until about mid-February. I'll keep you posted!

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