Monday, January 28, 2008

And still...more Jane :)

So I watched Mansfield Park last night. Did you???

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Amber said...

I did not, but I wanted to tell you something! :) I promised I'd tell you more about why I have to go down on Valentine's Day, so here I am. I don't have much more news, other than the fact that my EBV level is sky-rocketing, so they just want to make sure that things are "ok". I love how they call me and tell me these strange things, but then don't schedule an appt. for 3 weeks. Looks like they're REAL worried about it! haha :)

In other news, I sold 52 books yesterday at my signing! God is amazing, and I'm so happy to see where He's taking all of this!

Oh, and I have a blogspot blog, if you wanna hook up to it. I'll have yours on mine here in a bit! I'm just starting out on it, but it'll come together.

Love you!