Monday, September 24, 2007

We're back!

Oh nback in a big way, here at The Resort...
Discharge on Friday, and felt OK. Spent the night at my parents--well most of it--before driving back to my apartment. Sat. was spent relaxing, napping and trying to work off the drug side effects from Thurs./Fri. I made a coffee cake, did a little bit of cleaning (as in throwing away old mail), organized some books, and watched Season 3 of Desperate Housewives. Since I had to sing 8:30 I went to bed around11.
WEll that didn't work because I got very suddeny, very severe chest pains. Which necessitated a call to the powers that be, which led to an appearance in the ER at 1:00 a.m.I was put in a chair and immediately taken back to the "critical care rooms", which are just stocked with every medical goody known to man. I had my port accessed, blood drawn, supplemental oxygen given, BP cuff, vitals every like 15 minutes. I got some dilaudid via IV and a CXR was taken. CT wants a scaned with contrast, which meant the lovely hurt for a peripheral, which eneded up in my thum. We got the pictures, not as clear as we would've liked b/c we used a very small guage needle (all my veins could handle without blowing), so then it was back toa regular ER room while they made room for me up on C5.
We got up to C5 around 6. I had the lovely Medical Resident take my history and drug list, then the nurse came in w/ more dilaudid. At this point I think I slept for maybe 45 minutes. Dad was still with me. NO sleeping. But we did watch most of Spanglish, which is a movie we enjoy.
Sunday was spent basically throwing up everything I ate. So we did ativan for that, which I didn't know you could use for nausea, but it worked. It also gave me the sleep I hadn't had in, oh, 20 some hours. Wooohoo! Dr. A comes in today around 10:30 and tells my nurse he can't wake me up. Elizabeth says, "she only fell asleep at 3 and hasn't slept for about 36 hours."
Basically today was about pain/nauseau management. There is a pneumnonia going on and we're doing an IV drug as well as the oral levoquin. I"m a wee bit nauseous right now but nothing like yesterday. Ugh. HOpefully bile stays where it belongs. We're doing oral pain meds every 12 with tylenol in between if I need it. I just want to sleep normally tonight.
Ian went home early this morning but we got to see him on Sunday. He looked really good and so adorable. His new sister (Sophia) is due in November! I bet his sisters will be so happy to have him home. And my friend Kennedy (another heart t/x) is also on the floor now after coming out of the CICU. So there are friends here. Yay!
All right that's your update. I've been reading a ton of magazines, as usual, and sort of watched the Steelers win yesterday (Oh happy day!).

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