Friday, September 21, 2007


Well apparently the visit to Shangri-la turned into a sleepover! Ha!
I went in on Thursday and while the numbers were all stable, I was still having some symptoms--rattling in my chest, increased cough, a wee bit short of breath. And, of course, chest pain (which I know and love...ha). Dr. A looked at my CXR and said that if I wasn't having any symptoms, he'd probably say it was normal looking (or at least stable), but since I was having some issues, it would be best to bronch and see what's happening.
So off to the bronch suite we went! Pretty normal there, and we did find some buggies in the initial findings, so Dr. A didn't know if we'd want to do IV drugs or orals--it would depend on what grew out over the next 24 hours. So I stayed the night, getting IV drugs (well, one) and oral antibiotics. I also got the lovely dilaudid/phenergan combo (whoever was the doc on call last night REALLY loved me. :-D), but I'm doing OK now.
I was dischraged around 4ish, and it's all oral antibiotics so yay! I go back in on Monday for another CXR and blood work.
Had some excellent nurses (like always), and overall not too bad a stay. I won't go so far as to say it was "enjoyable" but it wasn't like being in Hell for 36 hours. :)
My little buddy Ian (heart t/x) and his mom were also on the floor when I was there, so I got to see them today which was fun. Ian is the sweetest little guy and he finally gets to go home on Monday! Yay!

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