Thursday, September 27, 2007

It is NOT in my head!

There are many things in my head, but delusions of pain ain't one of them.
A lot of times when I get a lung infection, I get pain with it. In fact, pain is often a precursor to any data of infection showing up in PFTs, CXRs, etc (as it was this last time). So when it happens I pay attention to it.
Well some people that take care of me like to relegate it to a subconscious creation. This is usually phrased as, "are you anxious about anything? Worried?" or various other forms. It can also come as "wow you're having a lot of pain for this amount of infection."
I just think the anxiety question is about the dumbest one on the face of the planet. Well let's see. I'm having chest pain, usually very sharp, constant chest pain, if I'm making an issue about it. That usually means infection. That's not fun. That could lead to rejection. Also not fun. So yeah, I may have a bit to be worried about. But the worry is not CAUSING the pain. The pain's already there. Now, I'm sure that being physically uptight and anxious is not helping. Relaxation tapes, etc. like the ones Kathy makes me. And those help. But they help to an extent. And that's it.
Pain is real. It is not all in my little head, I'm not making it up because I want good drugs or need attention or whatever. If I'm having it, I would like people to pay attention to it. Thank you.

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