Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don't call me at 3 a.m...

OK so I'll blog instead...
Not much going on. Can't sleep so I thought I'd blog...
Nauseous a bit so I got a zofran dose around 2. At 6 I'm due for my next percocet.
Wonder if I should just stay awake for that.
Quiet on the floor, lots of babies, apparently, that need fed on schedule so they keep their weight up. It's amazing how much emphasis is always put on weight GAIN in a hospital. The idea of losing weight it really a foreign concept, at least on the floor I tend to hang out on.
CAught up on some email...even at 3:30 I'm thinking about work. Think that's a sign of something bad? If I had my journal I'd be writing in that, but all I've got it this.
Elizabeth is my nurse tonight and she is awesome. I think she's about my age, which is fun. I have come to the conclusion that nurses know more than doctors about 90% of the time. At least.
Oh! And today is Amber's TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! :-

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