Friday, September 28, 2007

Benefits to IV drugs

There are some benefits to being on IV drugs that inhibit appetite and, therefore, your options outside the house:

--if you don't wear mascara for a few days, your lashes look REALLY GOOD when you finally put it on. :)

--People are always asking me how I take care of my skin. Honestly, genes and taking care of it (lotions and potions) are part of it, but I really think the other part is there are times when I go days, weeks, without putting anything on it. No make-up, nothing. I mean, when you're bonding with the toilet seat, how much make-up do you really need? Hello?

OK, so these are mostly cosmetic benefits. But they're something, right?
It is a beautiful day here, my stomach is sort of cooperating, so me and the parents are going to eat lunch and generally live outside the house. :) :)

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