Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall is here!

Today was the first real fall day in Central Ohio--perfect for an Easton trip and football! I bought a great outfit at Ann Taylor, enjoyed some shopping and a Fado lunch with Richelle and Christine, and had dinner with my parents. Overall a great day (with Buckeye Victory...). I just love fall.
Appointment w/ Dr. A and Dr. H this week on Thursday, so look for updates...

Also, pray for my little transplant buddies, Ian and Kennedy. Kennedy just had another heart transplant, and she's only 5 or 6! She's a trooper. Ian also had a heart transplant awhile ago, but he's in the hospital now. He's a sweetheart, so I want him to get better. :)


Candi said...

Ann Taylor...I love Ann Taylor!

Emily said...

Who doesn't love Ann Taylor, I ask? :)