Monday, March 08, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook--March 8, 2010

Outside my window:
It is 55! Snow is melting! The windows are open! Spring is here!!!! (Yes, I am really excited)

I am wearing: 
a yellow 3/4 length sleeve spring sweater, jeans, gray socks

I am thankful for:
My New Book

I am reading: 
Midwives, Master and Margarita

From the kitchen:
Last night: sloppy joes (really good!)
Tonight: I think Margherita Pizza, or pasta in general. 
I've got Alaska burgers and carbonara on the menu this week as well. 

I am thinking:
How happy I am to see my friend, Spring.

I am creating:
Editing the short story. 

On my iPod:
Sarah McLachlin, Mirrorball

Toward rhythm and beauty: 
A menu, regular prayer times

To Live the Liturgy: 
Daily Mass (as often as possible), Magnificat, my Lent books. 

I am hoping and praying:
for a good week; for my grandfather

Around the House:
Did massive cleaning on Saturday--really vacuumed, mopped, etc. Now it's the little things--cleaning the bookshelves, dusting off the top of my dresser (which gets dirty in record time, thanks make-up)

One of my favorite things:

A few plans for the week:
T: Senate Session
Th: Voice
F: Dinner and movie w/ my brother
Sat.: Hair cut

A picture thought I am sharing: 

pretty spring flowers!!!

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