Friday, March 05, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Vol. XVIII


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It's March, and the snow is melting! It's supposed to be almost 50 this weekend. I am very excited about that. 

Today is my best friend Branden's birthday. We've known each other since we were in pre-school! Happy birthday, Sir!

Christmas 2009--I'm next to Branden. 
OK, yes I have a lot of best friends. But Branden is my best male friend. And Andrea's birthday is tomorrow (she's in the gray and white sweater in the pic above). So two birthdays back to back. Then Tiff's fiance's birthday later this month, and then mine.

A thing with me is love of birthdays. I love them, everything about them--the cards, the cake, the presents. Birthdays rock my world. 

What does not rock my world? My third cold this winter (and I've gotten every one from the same person, who shall remain nameless.). I might have nipped this one in the bud, since I don't feel too horrible today, just sleepy. But with immuno-compromised me, colds (anything, almost) should be Handled With Care.

I want to feel better by tonight, since tonight is opening night of BalletMet's Carmina Burana! I am really looking forward to this show. Tickets are still avaiable  at the Riffe Center box office prior to the show, or I bet you could get them for later in the run from the online box office (link above). This should be a great performance. 

And we'll wrap with some books of 2010: The Covenant, The Betrayal, The Sacrifice, The Prodigal, The Revelation, Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. I want to finish Master and Margarita today, too. 
Oh, and did you hear? I finished a story! A real story, with a beginning, middle, and end! I think I might revise it a bit today too. Once I've got it (pretty much) to my satisfaction, I'll post some. Maybe.;-) 
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