Friday, March 12, 2010

New blog stuff

OK, so, I guess I've sold out--I've added AdSense to the blog, so there are ads now.
(This blog post brought to you by...)
So far, they are small and mostly inconspicuous. But if you feel the urge to click, go right ahead.
The Amazon stuff (see post below) is more obvious. Yeah, OK, it's part of an ad program, but I talk so much about books/movies/CDs, and link so often to Amazon, that I might as well have the cool Amazon things here. And if you use the Amazon search box, I get money. :) (And no, it's not like a Google search, it's like if you're looking for something on Amazon.)
A little pocket money never hurt anyone, so I might as well...
Thus ends the commercial. :)

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