Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer reading Vol. III

Updated Summer Reading:

  • Mansfield Park: Really, the more I read this, the more I love it.
  • The Killer Angels, Michael Sharra: My mom took us to Gettysburg one year for Spring Break. Lots of tombstones and battlefields. I was bored. But after reading this book, I want to go back. The basis for the film Gettysburg, the book tells the story of the bloodiest battle in American history from the perspective of different soldiers, on both sides. A fantastic, totally absorbing read.
  • Mediterranean Summer: a re-read. I bought this last year at Duck's Cottage, but it is a perfect travel book. I am going to try some of the recipes included at the back of the book before summer is out.
  • Rose Daughter, by Robin McKinley: A re-telling of both Beauty and the Beast, and her first novel, Beauty. I first read Beauty when I was about 14, during a beach vacation, and it became an instant favorite. Rose Daughter tells the story in a slightly more mature way, but is no less captivating.

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