Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Vol. VIII

A full-proof method for getting the sink really clean: put in dish soap, fill with water, let soak for 20 hours. Sink will be amazingly shiny with no work from you.

In the "things I am loving" catagory: Peach iced tea. My cousin, Di, whose adorable daughter is seen here, turned me on to the mix. She uses one from Kroger, but I use Target's Market Pantry. It is sooo good. I think I'm drinking 2 quarts every five days. And it's sugar free, so better for me that soda.

Things that are also better than soda: Going to the gym. On Thursday I went for the first time since coming back from vacation (I know, I know, how very slackerly) but I didn't GAIN any weight, and actually managed to lose two pounds! I am thanking the hot weather, Baby Suze (carrying a babe around is great for the upper arms), and the copious amounts of water, gatorade and iced tea that I drank over vacation. And our constant out and about trips, so there was no time to snack.
Gym is going very well--did almost 2 miles on the treadmill hill program today. I signed up for the Dash for Donation 5K in August, so I better get up to three miles before then. The chances of that look good.

Summer reading update No.4: Finished Spindle's End. It sort of dragged in the middle but the end almost made me cry! Once Rosie discovers who she is, the story picks up very quickly. Also finished The House At Sugar Beach, by Helene Cooper, about her family's life in Liberia before her mother and two of her sisters fled to the U.S. to escape the mounting violence. Again, almost cried at the end. (Not sure why.) Very well written. Still reading Abigail and John, and am about to start Beyond the Miracle Worker, about Anne Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller's teacher. I've always been interested in both their stories. I found this book at Brazos, but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Another good book about her is Miss Spitfire, which, while written for the YA crew, is great for anyone interested in Anne's life.

Have not seen the new Harry Potter yet--am going tonight w/ Tiff and her boyfriend. Shoudl be good, will post thoughts sometime this weekend. I really loved this book so I am a bit disappointed about the things I have been hearing! But I shall take them with a grain of salt (or, in Tiff and I's case, many grains of salt) until I see it myself in about two hours.

Speaking of boyfriends--date with boy again tomorrow. Planning on going to the Jazz and Rib Fest, which means I will wear black to disguise any inevitable BBQ spills. (Yes, they will happen. Trust me.) Weather looking iffy so we'll see what happens in regards to timing.


Is it just me, or did July go fast? Maybe it's because I took a week off, but man. It seems like it was just the Fourth, and we are barreling into August.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

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