Friday, July 03, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Vol. VI


I hope a lot of you had a chance to read this entry. I'm pretty proud of it and glad that Hollywood has put a story about this family onscreen. Seeing it is a much more visceral experience than reading about it.
I've read a few articles about the movie, and then the comments following, online. And I've seen a few people ask why books and movies like this are even written, then degrading the emotions of people who read them to people who view pornography--they want some sort of emotional hit. I don't know what people's psychological reasonings are for reading these books, but I'm glad they do. My family, and all the other families whose lives are just like this, need people to understand. We're not looking for pity--that's an easy emotion--but for empathy, for people to understand.
Case in point--I love birthdays. A lot of people I know don't--they don't like being reminded that they're getting older. But I love it. Each birthday is another victory for me. It's another year I got to do things, to enjoy life. I love knowing that I'm racking up more experiences and having more time here. Maybe my blog, and movies and books like My Sister's Keeper, can help people understand how precious life is.

Wow, that was a long quick take. So some shorter things to follow, like: what books I've been reading. An updated list: Robert Louis Stevenson's South Seas Tales; Richard Paul Evans' The Last Promise (love, love, love his books), and, of course, Jane. Mansfield Park being started today. I'm a bit behind in the re-read this year. Oh, and Mrs. Dalloway.

New favorite TV show--Bones. If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you know this. But really, fantastic show. And interesting to me, from a theological perspective. One of the main characters, Agent Booth, is very, very Catholic. His partner, Dr. "Bones" Brennan, is not. In fact, she's an atheist. But there is definite chemistry between them. I'm planning something on Booth to have up at CPG at some point--hopefully later this weekend. He's really a fascinating study.

Speaking of theology--nearing time for my Sacraments mid-term, and my first assignment is due in Biblical Studies. We're just about to start Genesis in the latter.

Next week is my four year anniversary! Can you believe it? To celebrate, I'm going to visit my cousin, Di, her husband, and her baby girl in Houston. Never been, but I hear it is hot, hot, and more hot. Thank God for air conditioning! We're thinking about visiting NASA, Galveston, and a host of bookstores. :)

It's Independence Day weekend--do you know your Declaration? Brush up on it here.

And a happy, happy Independence Day to all of you. Let's go out and celebrate "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," eh? If you're in the mood for some patriotic movies, I suggest John Adams and The Patriot for some good viewing, especially John Adams. Phenomenal, and faster than reading the book. (I read the book. I liked it. But whew, it's long!)

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