Sunday, December 21, 2008

Post-post audition

So mom has asked for more audition details, so here we go...
Got to the JCC around 4:15--I was very early, because I live in a highly store-congested area and didn't know how long it would take me to get to the actual highway. Surprisingly, it didn't take that long. (Maybe because it's about 0 degrees here?)

In the car, of course, I had the "Parade" soundtrack going. The last line I heard before I shut off the car was "It is time now", from the song "People of Atlanta" (before Leo's trial). And I thought, "well, it istime, isn't it?" I've been preparing for this audition for months now.

Once I got there, my friend LaRon from J&H was there,finishing up the matinee of the JCC holiday show. He introduced me to one of the theater guys (the one running the registration table). He is auditioning tomorrow night (the auditions are Sun and Mon). I filled out the sheet, attached my resume and photo, and then sat in the lobby to wait.

There were 3 other girls, 3 guys (one of the older, so probably auditioning for the Judge), and a girl, about 13 or so, who was reading for Mary, the girl who's murdered. I went first, since I had come first.

The auditions were private--meaning it was me, the accompanist, the director and his assistant. The director sat at a small table on the stage. After conferring with the (very good) accompanist, about tempo and things like that, I introduced myself and sang part of "Storybook," after which the director asked me to sing a scale to check my range.

He gave me a copy of the libretto and asked me to read for Mrs. Phagan, mary's mom. There are almost no monologues in the show--it's almost totally sung-through--so I was to read "My Child Will Forgive Me" (Mrs. Phagan's testimony at the trial) as if it were a speech and not a song. Since I know the song very well, I already knew many of the words.

I went out again to study the script and work a bit on my speaking southern accent. After everyone else sang, I went in to read. The director had me face the audience and do the bit. After I was done, the director said I did "very, very well" and that the cast would probably be up after Christmas.

I was very satisfied with my performance--it felt very good, and I think the director really liked me. I'm not sure how many people will say they want to be Mrs. Phagan, but I do like the role. This is one show where I could do every female role, except the ones played by African-Americans (there are four A-A roles, I believe). There are four factory girls, from ages 14-20, and a few boys, with the featured young male (he's about 17) having a big part.

I believe the cast itself will the small. The JCC's stage and theater is very intimate, so there can't be a very big cast.

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Amber said...

I was sad I didn't get to see you today, but I'm cancer-free so that's nice! :D

Good job on the audition!

How did your appt go?

Merry Christmas!