Sunday, December 07, 2008

Friday with Bub

(note: "Bub" is what I call my younger brother, Bryan. It's a massive shortening of his childhood nickname, which I shall Not Reveal.)

Friday nights are usually when I come home and crash with books and movies. After a long week, and especially after a day spent writing a very, very long column, that usually sounds like the best plan of action. 

However, my brother came up with something better on Friday. He proposed (after his classes were done for the day) getting Scali's takeout and watching movies at my apartment. 

This sounded ideal. 

So, after the column was done, I came home, cleaned a bit (yes, for my brother, who is still in college, so cleanliness to him is option), and prepared for his arrival with The Best Italian Food this side of the Mississippi. Bryan had gnocci (a favorite of my dad's, as well), and I had the Rosemary Chicken (which is just what it should be--lemon, chicken, and rosemary sprigs. MMMM). 

Once we were done with this (and the DELICIOUS bread), I decided to get Bryan his Christmas gift, which turned out to be the movie The Departed, which he likes but does not own. As I had never seen it, I was cool with this. So after going to B&N to pick it up, we settled in with Diet Dr. Pepper (of which Bryan drank about 4 cans) to watch it. 

Now--if you've been reading here for awhile, you know I am not the Biggest Martin Scorcese Fan Ever. Actually, I had never seen a movie of his that I liked. The Departed is the exception. I really liked this movie--maybe not enough to put in my All-Time Favorite List, but enough to buy (which no, I haven't done yet--Mom disclaimer). It's one of those movies that is just jammed with stars--every other scene I was going, "is that XYZ?" or "he's in this movie?"

As far as the gore/gross quotient goes, it's really not that high. Yes, it has a high body count, and some of the scenes are wince-inducing, but it's not a gross movie in terms of blood. So if you get freaked out that way, you're OK here. 

We turned off almost all the lights, except for one lamp and my Christmas tree, and sat together on my couch. It was a great way to spend an evening, watching a good movie with my little brother. A very Christmas-y, Holiday thing to do. 

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