Saturday, December 13, 2008

Political Correctness--in TRANSPLANTS???

From today's Dispatch:
• UNDER THE old system of distributing livers for transplants, the preponderant factor was how long a patient had been on the waiting list, and black patients were more likely to die than white patients. That's because blacks tend to wait longer before putting their names on the lists.

But since 2002, organs generally go to the sickest patients. And that has made the system more racially fair.

Strangely, though, the change has resulted in a rise in the chances that women will die or become too sick to receive a transplant.

Why the change seemingly has worked against women is unclear, so experts should be hesitant to tweak the policy. Transplants should not be based on race and gender.

OK, look folks--SICKEST PATIENTS GET THE ORGANS. That's it. That's the way it is. There are too few organs to go around without dilly dallying about GENDER! Get real!

Oh, and just in case you didn't notice--I'm a girl. I got one. So let's move on, please.

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