Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight--T-minus 4 days

Today's Twilight blurb:
my ranking of the books. 

1) Eclipse
2) Twilight
3) Breaking Dawn
4) New Moon. 

And some quick reasoning, which MAAY contain spoilers. 

Eclipse is the Ultimate Character book, with a fantastic plot. Victoria is breeding newborn Vampires in Seattle and is going to bring them on her hunt for Bella. Knowing this, the Cullens and the wolves join forces to stop them. Jacob, Edward and Bella have great scenes at the end of the book, especially Edward and Jacob's  conversation in the tent. Awesome. And--Edward and Bella become engaged. Which sends Jacob running off. 

Twilight is a great start to the series--you meet the characters, find out how they came to be (Rosalie and Jasper are discussed more fully in Eclipse), and you have the hunt after James the Tracker--will the Cullens find him before he finds Bella? Even at this early stage in the series, Bella wants to become a vampire, and Edward is strenuously against it. 

Breaking Dawn has several good points--the wedding, Bella's transformation, Renesmee, etc. But the problem is that everyone gets what they want, and it's all happy ending. It just doesn't seem realistic. 

New Moon is my least favorite because, well, Edward's gone for most of it and Bella is super-depressed. But it picks up when Alice goes to find Bella and the two run off to Volterra (in Italy) to save Edward from sacrificing himself. The end also contains the family vote on whether or not Bella should join their coven. I'll let you guess who votes what. 
Honestly, I just don't like Jacob. He's a creep to Bella, always messing with her emotions and toying with her. Grrrr. 

So far, I know that the books through Eclipse have been optioned. If Twilight makes a lot of money (Entertainment Weekly puts that at $150 M), then New Moon will probably be greenlighted. I would LOVE to see an Eclipse movie. Breaking Dawn would be good (I'd want to see Bella as a vampire), but how the heck would they pull of Renessme? Any ideas? 

So, there you is your Twilight fix for the day. 

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