Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm still here!

Yes, all, I am till with you!

So, the saga of my day:
I got up at 5:15. A.M. After ot falling asleep until after midnight (OK, part of that was watching Steelers/Redskins on TV, but still!).
I got to my polling place, with my coffee thermos, at 6:00. There were about 50 people in line. By the time I went into vote, (polls in OH open at 6:30), there were probably about 120-150. The sunrise was beautiful, and so were the stars! So I spent most of my time finding costallations. It wasn't a cold morning, which was good.
Once we got in, I waited for about 25 minutes before I cast my ballot. I have to say, there is a huge thrill in selecting your Presidential candidate. That's why I don't vote absentee--I just get a thrill out of it. And I love seeing everyone all lined up, voting peacefully.
I got out of there around 7:03 and listened to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" all the way to the Resort. Traffic, thankfully, was pretty light and I was in infusion at 7:30 a.m.
Blood draw was OK, then it was off to CXR. The movie on in the waiting room was Enchanted, so that was good. I also had Wuthering Heights to read (that's a very good fall/winter book). IN the waiting room there were two kids with Down Snydrome, and of course I couldn't help but think of Trig.
As usual, the CXR was quick. I do these in a coma at this point. It was maybe 8:15 by now. I headed up to the clinic, where we did NiOx and PFTs and all that good stuff.
These were not as great as normal. All of them (except for maybe one test) were down, by about 5 points or so. So, in Todd-speak, not "Good" but "OK." He thinks it might be a virus, bu we really won't know until the cultures (nasal wash and sputum) come back. Julie says we should have prelim results tomorrow.
If it is a virus, a bronch might not do us much good. I am supposed to call tomorrow 1) if my symptoms are worse, but, in any case, 2) I an to call and get prelim lab results.
So I went home (well, to my parents') and slept the rest of the day, until we had dinner. Now I am at home, with my brother's laptop and the TV on Fox (of course!). Ohio is not expected to be called until the wee hours.
Work tomorrow will be a zoo--we will have the people for the 128th General Assembly (to be sworn in at the beginning of January), and possibly a president. Regardless, the clips will be Monstrous.
Probably more updates as we go along but my health, right now, is holding.

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