Sunday, November 16, 2008

Popcorn: Quantum of Solace

The only Bond movie I have seen and liked is Casino Royale. Partially, because there was real plot. And also, because I think Daniel Craig is cute. (OK, cute is probably an understatement. Robert Pattison is cute. Daniel Craig is...well, we'll leave it there.) 

Anyway, this Bond movie picks up about 20 minutes after Casino Royale ended--this is evident because the guy that Bond shot at the end of that movie is released into an MI6 hideout in Siena, Italy. The main thrust of the movie is Bond's revenge on the organization behind Vesper's death, QUANTUM. This movie's bad guy, Dominic Greene, is the owner/founder of an environmental gorup who (supposedly) is out to create environmental preserves. Really, they want to install a military regime in Bolivia and mess with the country's water supply. 

The Bond girl in this case in Camille, a Bolivian who had her family massacred by the Greene regime. So she, like Bond, is out for revenge--not trysts between the sheets. The only time we see Bond do that is with Agent Fields, and she's quickly dispatched by the bad guys. 

There isn't a whole lot of plot, and there isn't a lot of Bond waltzing around in a tux. There is also one martini shot, which didn't really bother me, but might annoy others. Basically, it's a revenge movie. Bond wants to kill people. And he does so. 

I've hear the idea floated that this is a "placeholder" movie--sort of like the second movie in a triology. That's not a bad theory. I guess we'll have to see what the third Daniel Craig Bond movie looks like to verify this thought. 


MrsKruse said...

We just got back from seeing it as well.

It wasn't bad...but it wasn't very good either.

But the scenery was great!

Emily said...

They went through the Carrera marble quary int he beginning, where Michaelangelo bought his marble. I thought that was awesome.