Saturday, November 08, 2008


OK since it is 1) cold and 2) rainy and 3) I have a cold, I am staying in this weekend and watching movies in my jammies.

Last night I watched two new ones:

1) Kit Kittridge: An American Girl--I have been an American Girl fan since I was in third grade. I have almost all of the dolls (exceptKit), the books and all the other stuff you can think of. I still go to the stores when I'm in NYC or Chicago.
Yeah, OK, that's probably a little sad.
So, anyway: Kit (Abigail Breslin) is a 9 year old girl living in Cincinnati during the Great Depression. Her overwhelming desire is to be a writer for the (fictional) Cincinnati Register. But when her dad (Chris O'Donnell, in a great role) loses his car dealership and has to go look for work in Chicago, Kit and her mother (Julia Ormond) take in boarders at their home, including classmate Stirling and his mother; a magician (Stanley Tucci), a dancer instructor (Jane Karkowski) and a book mobile driver (Joan Cusack). During this time, Kit also meets two hobos, Will and Countee, who help out with the boarding house. But when her mother's lockbox, containing all their mortgage money, goes missing, Will and Countee are the first people suspected. Kit and her friends have to find out who really did it before she and her mother lose their house and move in with her cranky Uncle Herrick.
During all of this, Kit adopts a dog, Grace; sells eggs, and manages The TreeHouse Club, where she writes her stories.
It is a wonderful, engaging film with terrific acting and a good message. I think everyone--boys included!--would like this one.

2) Get Smart--Max Smart (Steve Carrel) is a hapless analyst with CONTROL (sort of another version of the CIA) that wants to be a Secret Agent. When CONTROL's headquarters is compromised, the Chief pairs him up with the beautiful Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway, in another great role) to track down the mastermind behind a nuclear bomb plot.
While dancing through Russia and racing through LA, there are wonderful quotes such as,
"It's a shame we have to blow up all these movie stars." "Oh, yes. What will we do without their razor-sharp political advice?"
, as well as a VP who is like VP Cheney, and President that resembles W (but in a comedic way).
Oh, and a bit of trivia-- the girl that dances with Max at the Russian party is a graduate of my high school!

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Kelly Zimba said...

i want to see the american girl movie so. bad. we should watch it sometime!!