Wednesday, September 03, 2008

SARAH! (updated with linkage AND VIDEO!!!)

A few points from the speech:

--Wow. She rocked the house.

--My favorite part--the part about special needs kids and their families. I almost cried. How great was that?
Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge.

And children with special needs inspire a special love.

To the families of special-needs children all across this country, I have a message: For years, you sought to make America a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters.

I pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House.

--Watching her family was a hoot. When she was talking about Track you could almost hearing him thinking, "Geez, Mom!"

--Piper is my favorite campaign kid! Did you see her waving on the stage like mad? :) And when she held her brother, she did it with such ease, like "I hold babies all the time."

--Another cute thing she did? She was combing his hair with her fingers. Then she licked her hand and smoothed his hair so it was flat. I just loved that movement; totally natural, like she does this all the time.

--Bristol's boyfriend is quite handsome. ;-)

--I like Willow, too! She had on a great dress.

--Todd is, well, hot.

PS.: When the family came up onstage at the end and Todd handed her Trig, she said "There's my baby." So wonderful.

--She has incredible presence. She just seemed totally really and fun. I loved the part about putting the jet for sale on eBay.

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