Monday, September 15, 2008

Channeling Laura Ingalls

So Hurricane Ike has left me (and about 1,000,000 other Ohioans) out of power. I have not had power since 6:30 last night, and I am now at my parents', mooching their electricity/AC/ what have you.

Some notes gleaned from my experience thus far:

--You get a lot of reading done when you have nothing to do but read. I finished Night and Day and read The Covenant, a novel by Naomi Raben, which was really good. I may even add it to my favorites list.

--Writing by candlelight isn't that bad, except you have to have an awful lot of candles.

--Thankfully it was windy so I just opened the windows and got a good breeze, so I didn't miss the AC.

--No internet, so I was glad I knew what the weather would be.

--When there's no light, you go to bed early--like 9:00. But I didn't sleep well. When my power's off, so my alarm on my clock, and I can't hear my cell phone without my CI in. So I was sort of nervous, leading to a 5:30 wake-up. Hey, at least I got my yoga practice in!

--Putting on make-up in the dark is...interesting. But I didn't look bad!

--I got to the office at 6:40. Oh yeah.

--The boys in my office didn't shave, because they didn't want to shave in the dark. So they looked sort of funny. :)

--I was never so glad to get to my office and have electricity in my life.

--I came home at 4:00--still nothing. So I showered, read a bit, and then went to my parents', where I am now mooching off internet.

--And...kudos to Nutmeg for leading me to the cool site where I got my new background!

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