Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aw(e) inducing

From Rush , talking to a Down Syndrome family (their daughter has Down Syndrome) that met McCain-Palin in Washington, PA.

Snip: (emphases mine)

CALLER:...So we accompanied them up the hill, we went right to the bus, where it was, and Governor Palin, Senator McCain, Cindy, Todd Palin, they’re all standing there. We’re in this inner circle with just us and them, and the Secret Service agent, and they came right up to us and thanked us for coming out, said they loved our sign, and Governor Palin immediately said, “May I hold your daughter?” and our daughter Chloe, who’s five, went right to her, and I have some pictures I’d love to send you maybe when I’m done here, but Governor Palin was hugging Chloe, and then her little daughter brought their baby Trig who has Down syndrome from the bus, he was napping, and Chloe went right over and kissed him on the cheek, and my son Nolan who’s nine, he thanked her.

(For some reason the pic doesn't want to load, but if you click on the link, it's the second one.
And how cute is that?!)

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