Friday, July 25, 2008

My Twilight Obession Deepens...

My contribution to a WaPo chat:

Twilight-er: Anything from the Twilight interviews yesterday? I am dying for this movie to come out.

Jen Chaney: I blogged about this last night, so you can get many of the details there. I think some of the stars of the movie aren't totally prepared for all this mayhem and mania.
Robert Pattinson seemed like a decent guy. Cam Gigandet, who plays James, had trouble putting his sentences together. May have been nerves.Several of them seemed jittery during the panel in Hall H, too. The scene they showed from the movie was met with super-loud screams.Then again, so was that pivotal moment when Pattinson moved a strand of his hair...

I am dying for this to come out, as I stated above. :) Really, though, the books are incredible. Which means I should probably blog a little here about why the heck I read them.

As we all know, I read just about anything. When I go to my parents' I read Bryan's Sports Illustrated, Dad's Computer World, and whatever other mail is about, as well as my mom's cookbooks. I read anything.

Twilight, though, has had a twisted way into my Book Hall of Fame.

Like Harry Potter, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing. This time, though, it wasn't lying about on the coffee table (like Sorcerer's Stone was--it was my little sister's copy).

I saw it on Facebook--all the Twilight Flair. Edward this, Edward that. And I started to wonder.

Then Breaking Dawn posters were everywhere; at BN, telling you to pre-order (which I have done), and all the other book stores I frequent.

The books were prominently displayed and, important for my book budget, in softcover (Except for Eclipse).

So I flipped through the first one. And I sort of liked it. I liked the classic novel references (Wuthering Heights, Most of Jane!, Romeo and Juliet (ok that's not a novel, whatever). The writing was engaging.

I bought it and New Moon, the sequel.

I DEVOURED them. Tiffany had the misfortune of coming over when I was in the middle of New Moon. We were watching a movie and I snuck into the bathroom to read more pages.

I was hooked.

The next day I went and bought Eclipse, which had the bonus of Chapter 1 from Breaking Dawn. It's divine. (Eclipse is my favorite in the series, thus far.)

These are great fiction books, for anyone--teens, adults, whatever--although, obviously, intended more for the females.

So I would recommend that, if you're looking for good fiction, to pick these up.

Some details:
NOTE: I am assuming you know the basic premises which is:

Bella has moved from Phoenix to Forks, WA, to live with her father, the town police chief. After
her life is saved by her mysterious lab partner, Edward Cullen, a relationship begins to develop between them that is fraught with danger for both.

If you don't know more than the above, I will probably give something away below. If you don't want to know more than the above, stop reading now, please.
Thank you.

A character primer:

(Isabella) Bella Swan--our 17 year old Heroine
Charlie Swan--her father, the police chief for the town of Forks, in Washington, where they live
Renee Swan--Bella's mother, lives in Arizona. Parents divorced when she was a kid. Re-married to a minor-league baseball player.
Jacob Black--a friend of Bella's who lives on a nearby Indian reservation
Billy--his dad, Charlie's friend.
Angela--one of Bella's friends at school.
Mike-- a classmate of Bella's who has a thing for her

--Edward--Our Hero, Bella's love interest. Initially her Biology lab partner.
--Alice--his sister, Bella's best friend. Loves shopping and clothes.
--Jasper--another sibling
--Emmett--and another
--Rosalie--and another
--Dr. Carlisle Cullen--their adoptive father
--Esme Cullen--their adoptive mother
**NOTE: These relationships are a lot more complex (the Cullens), but you'll have to read the book. All of the Cullens are gorgeous.

--Victoria--female vampire
--James--her S.O.
--Another member of their coven whose name I cannot remember at this moment.

If you want more, go here.

And, P.S.:
Another good book from the "recent reads" pile:
--The Condition, by Jennifer Haigh.

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