Saturday, July 12, 2008

In My Bag

Inventory of my J&H bag:

--two pairs of Simply Vera fishnet tights
--One Target tank top
--One pr. Capezio character shoes, size 8
--One black ribbon
--A baggie of hair claws
--Aussie hairspray
--My camera
--Vera Bradley bag for my make-up brushes
--a mirror
--a small Goody brush
--Dove hair cream
--2 water bottles
--My make-up kit, which includes: Clinique concealer, Bobbi Brown moisturizing compact foundation, Bobbi Brown pressed powder (pale yellow), Maybellne expert eyes eyebrow pencil (blonde), Maybellne eyebrow gel (clear), Lancome eye shadow base (nude), Bobbi Brown eye shadows (Bone, Rose Gold and Sapphire), Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (black), Lancome lip pencil (red apple), Lancome lipstick (Midnight something or other--a dark red), Victoria's Secret beauty gloss, Benefit Miss Popularity highlighter (for under my brows), Benefit Boo Boo Zap! (in case any unfortunate things pop up on my face).
--Benefit body balm

MAJOR props to the lip color. If you ever need stuff that will last 4+ hours, this is what you want. It is awesome. :)

Now it's time to haul the bag into Lilo (my car) and go do it all again!!!! :)

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