Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bring on the men!

OK, the Red rat scene is so much more fun now that I don't dance!!!!!!
I am on Stage R (that's the left, if you're in the house...stage left and right are the actors' lefts and rights), and I get to seduce Jay, Tim, and two other guys while they sit at the pub tables. How awesome is that? :) And since it's musical theater, you have a lot less to worry about, barrier wise--you can run fingers through hair, run your hand on their cheeks, and sit on laps, with abandon. It's great fun. :)
We get a break tomorrow, and then Saturday--TECH. Longest. Rehearsal. Ever. (Maybe)

Update: Whoops, forgot to add--I am also in the tail end of "Alive!" as Hyde stalks his way through London, finding Lucy at the end. Robin called for street people so Jay, Ann and I scurried up there to keep Diana (Lucy) company as David stalks above us on the scaffolding. Very cool.

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