Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Full Tech I

OK, so notes here before I go do this again!

--I got home at 11:50. I am amazed I didn't fall asleep at work. Whew.

--"Your Work--and Nothing More" gave me goosebumps. The quartet knocked it out of the park, especially Kevin (Utterson) and Brooke (Emma).

--"This is the moment" was awesome--until David forgot the words! Ha ha. But it happens, and he was really grooving until that point.

--"Facade" was great. Now I have to figure out how to get OFF the scaffolding in the pitch dark!

--Still extra orchestra vamping on parts of "Murder", but I think we have it. I hope we have it. It's very weird to be standing there, full lights and all, with no music for you, just underscore. :)

--The words to "Murder!" are here!

--During "It's a Dangerous Game", David dropped his top hat, which rolled down Diana's arm and bounced across the stage. We all burst out laughing. Ken had to stop the orchestra and Diana really had to get herself under control. It was really funny, like something out of vaudeville, and not a seduction. :-D

--The thunder effects are hit or miss in "Murder" but they are awesome anyway. :-D

--Set changes, etc. went very smoothly.

--While I was watching Act II (I get a much bigger break in Act II than in Act I), I was thinking how lucky I am to be sitting there, with a great cast, watching awesome performers. It was a great feeling.

--David had to die about four times last night. Poor guy. He and Kevin finally worked out a good angle/blocking for his death, so that it doesn't look odd and that Brooke is in the right position to catch his head. Poor Jeff, who plays Stride, had to get knocked about an awful lot last night.

--We have fog in the "murder" scene to represent steam from the trains in King's Cross. It's pretty cool.

--The prop gun leaves white powder on the stage.

--Tonight the leads have the option of being in costume. I hope a lot of them take it because I want to see them!

--The Bring of the Men dance looked really good. :)

--The lights turn red whenever someone is murdered. Very nice.

--Make-up: lots of earth tones since they didn't have baby blue shadow in the 1880s. I wonder what Robin will say about some of the multiple piercings? :)

--In "Alive!" a bunch of us have to act like we're cold and gathered around a fire. The amusing thing is we will be hot--we are in long skirts, long-sleeved shirtwaists, and will have shawls. Yikes.

Off to rehearsal--again!

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