Tuesday, July 01, 2008

If you do nothing else today

Watch this video.

I was just like those girls. There was a vest in my bedroom. I used oxygen at night before my transplant. And I wanted it so desperately when I finally realized that, without it, days were short and numbered.
If you haven't already, please become an organ donor. Ask your friends and family to do the same. And TELL your friends and family about your decision.
It was literally Hell--not being about walk 20 feet. Not being to climb steps. Not to be able to eat anything, or stay awake longer than 20 minutes. Brushing my teeth was the hardest thing in my day.

Think about that.

It's unacceptable for this to be happening. CF is the most common genetic disease in the United States. Let's work to reduce that statistic. Or, at least, make it so that it can be cured.
As we head toward my anniversary, I'll be posting more of my thoughts now that I'm three years out. But right now, I can say, with total certainty, that this life is the best I could imagine. Tonight I'm going to a rehearsal where I will sing and dance and move about the stage with 60 other "normal" people. I don't think anyone on the cast or crew knows, except my friend Jaylene who was in high school choir with me, and maybe some of the Cap kids. I kept it such a closely guarded secret.
When I hit that stage next Friday, it will be because a woman in Minnesota--Suzanne--decided to donate her organs. Without her, there would be no me.

It's a sobering thought. Help spread the word--volunteer, donate, or just tell people to read this, or other CF blogs, like Nate and Tricia's. I can't really ask you enough to do these things.

I am privileged. 19 people will die today because they didn't get their organs. I have heard stories about CF kids who died in high school, in college, much, much too young. I know too many wonderful CF patients. And some of those wonderful kids will be one of those 19 people.

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