Thursday, July 10, 2008

First dress, also known as Prank Night

So last night was the first dress. This, apparently, means a few things:

--it will be the sweatiest, hottest rehearsal ever.
--It will be prank night: Chris will make up new words to "This Is The Moment" while David is onstage; Kevin will wear a cowboy hat in "Your Work and Nothing More", and the guys will sing "In His Thighs" while Brooke and Diana stand on the stage and mouth the words. Oh my. :)
--My skirt has to contain about 5 yards of fabric. I could loop it around my neck (as Laurie suggests to Meg in Little Women) and still have my legs suitably covered.
--I get to help Jaylene with David and Kevin's costume change after Board of Governors!
--The blouse buttons do not like to line up. At all.
--I only have one quick change--it's between "Bring on the Men" and "Alive!", when I go from Call Girl (wearing like nothing) to fully-dressed Victorian (see below). It's not too, too bad, but it's not like i have half an act to change like the rest of the ladies.
--We rehearsed the curtain call. I am on the scaffolding, the center piece, so you can find me fast. :-D
--There were the normal issues with costumes--getting everyone in them, changing them, etc. that make it a bit of a rough show. Notes were pretty quick. I am DESPERATELY glad that I am taking tomorrow off so I can sleep!
--Call tonight is at 6:00--costumes and make-up.
--Fortunately my hair is cooperative--I have it up (see below) for most the show, but I wear it sort of pulled back, with some of it down, for the Red Rat. That's a lot of fun. :)
--We are a pretty fun group of kids. :)

This has been such a wonderful experience--and tomorrow--WE OPEN!!!!!!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

Break a leg!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!