Monday, June 04, 2007


Back to work today--I even got there early! Well, OK , part of that was due to my stupid uneven head which led to an inability to sleep (I am so doing the Tylenol PM tonight kids. So definitely.), which lead to it being pretty easy to get up when the alarm went off.
I am all caught up, and even started doing some regular work, so I am proud of myself. I thought I'd be super-behind since we were supposed to be busy today. Don't get me wrong, we were busy, but the boys had most of it in hand and didn't need reinforcements, so I was able to catch up and get organized. Fantastic.
Head feeling OK, it can still be a pain in the butt though. I'm wary of starting pilates/yoga again due to some of the positions my head would be in. I suppose I could modify them, or just skip them. Parish Council went long tonight so I'll just do some minimal stuff and try the modified yoga tomorrow.
Hoping to get some letter writing/reading/journaling in before bed...started A Wonderful Welcome to Ozlast night by reading the Gregory Maguire introduction, and am hoping to read the beginning of Mansfield Park tonight.
Oh, btw, saw the bill for my surgery today....$77 THOUSAND. Can I say how much I love my insurance company right now? We don't have to pay any of it. Mwah insurance company. Mwah.

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