Saturday, June 23, 2007

This week!

Busy week in the world of Emily's tx...

Monday, I have an appt. with Dr. A and Crew: labs, CXR, Chest CT (woohoo!), and the normal PFTs/DLCO fun stuff. Tiny possibility of bronch since my two year is approaching (!), but it probably won't happen. It better not, because Amber and I have post-appointment lunch plans!

Tuesday is CI activation day! First I see Dr. W at 1:15 and then Beth starts the CI stuff at 2:30, which takes about 2 hours. Hope all goes well!

To top all this off, I have Parish Council on Monday, Parish Council Retreat Meeting on Tuesday, Choir practice for our pastor's last Mass on Wednesday, Kathy at 4 on Thursday, and Di's Wedding Shower this weekend!! Eek!

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