Monday, June 25, 2007

Continuing the happy streak...

Another good clinic yay me!
PFTs 60%--haven't been that high since like November of 2006! Yay! DLCO good, NIOX good (like 9.0, so that's good; that's the test that measures inflammation in the lungs), CT/CXR good. Dr. A said there's a tiny tiny polyp thing that showed up on the CT but he's not too worried about it; we'll just watch it.
Weight...ehhhh. Maybe if I can get Dr. A to adjust the prednisone it'll help, because we all know I'm doing the low-fat thing and even working out! So I'm blaming steroids!
Lunch with Amber was awesome, we went to Mongolian BBQ at Easton after her infusion clinic stint.
Tomorrow..CI activation!! Woohoo!

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