Friday, June 08, 2007


Some of you are aware that I like to write creatively. I took classes in high school and college and have kept a journal since I was about 11. Fiction writing has always appealed to me, as has memoir/autobiography (as we know).
So when I turned 25 I got the crazy idea to try to write 25 short stories during this year. Don't ask me where it came from, it just did. So I've begun and I'm up to five. Two are actually accomplished and three are still being worked on. It's the most current that's given me the thought that it could (emphasis on COULD) grow to be something more than a short story.

I love the musical The Secret Garden. It has a fantastically complex score, a wonderful book and great characters. When I was in college, "How Could I Ever Know?" was standard recital fare for all sopranos, while "Hold On" was a chestnut for the altos. And for the men, "Lily's Eyes" is one of the best. duets. ever. I also loved the book as a child and even had a "secret garden journal", which was beautiful--creamy ivory pages, original illustrations and quotes from the novel throughout.

Anyway, my story idea is how Lily and Archibald met. They are Mary's aunt and uncle, whom Mary is sent to live with in the novel. (Well, OK, just the uncle since Lily's dead) The musical has a number called "The Man Who Came to My Valley" where Lily and Archie recollect their first meeting, until Mary stumbles upon her uncle, alone, in the portrait gallery (Lily is a ghost in the musical who appears throughout). The musical's other numbers also provide background into their relationship, as well as Lily's relationship w/ her sister, Rose, and Archie's with his brother, Neville.

I thought it would be awesome to use some of this material, the novel, and, of course, my own ideas to flesh this out. The musical actually focuses more on the adults than the kids, which I enjoyed, and lead me to think of this idea. So that's what I'm working on right now. Of course that means a re-read of The Secret Garden and ordering a copy of the musical's book on I need an excuse!!

I'm very excited about this project...will keep you posted...

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