Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I am the Household Queen

Today was like "Let's Rehabilitate the Apartment that I Neglected for Two Weeks Whilst I Lived With My Parents" day.

**I went to Feather Your Nest (great store in downtown Pickerington, antiques, Stonewall Kitchen and Vera Bradley!) for some mango chutney (new recipe I want to try uses it) and a soap dish for my kitchen.

**New cookbook on sale at Barnes and Noble.

**TJ's trip for staples--I cleaned out my fridge and tossed a lot of stuff, thereby necessitating the trip. But really, do I need a reason to go to TJ's? I think not.

**MASSIVE kitchen cleaning. Cleaned cabinets, cleaned stove top, cleaned a floor a bit. Tomorrow I'm going through the cupboards.

I love getting off work at a reasonable time. :) Nopw all that's left is the disaster known as my Kitchen Table...when you can see it...

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