Thursday, June 14, 2007

So much to do...

It's really amazing.

--Father's Day on Sunday--gotta get the gift. :)
--Dad's birthday on Tuesday--see above.
--WICKED on Wednesday! Woohoo!
--Mom's birthday on Friday--get the gift!
--Next Monday: Dr. A appt. and lunch w/ Amber!! And PC meeting
--Tuesday: CI ACTIVATION! And PC meeting, but here.
--Saturday: Diane's wedding shower in Pittsburgh--gotta get, um, the gift!

And then there's the regular house chores, the writing of Lily and Archibald (working title), which is coming along nicely (I think). And the blogging and the reading...all sorts of fun things to do.

Oh, and a little thing called work. You know, employment.

I will take some pics of the new things I've got up around the apt. and post them here...probably later today. My camera needs new batteries...always more to do.

And ofr course there is the very tempting Vera Bradley sale at Feather Your Nest....


Elizabeth said...

OOOOOH! Emily! You're a Vera fan, too???? Ohmygosh. You're like the sister I never had. I have an entire online closet & for every day that I'm on call, I reward myself with either a book or a bag! :) hahaha :) Hope all is well - I'll be blogging more this weekend, too!

Emily said...

Um, love Vera. Love it a lot.