Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion Note

Spring is upon us in many parts of the country. That means--flip flops are back.
I sort of hate these shoes.They're good for very few things in life: the pool, the beach, the locker room shower, taking out the trash, or running very brief (like getting gas) errands.

They are NOT appropriate in the office. Ever. At all. Let us all wear real shoes to work, please. These consist of a proper sole and foot covering that's more than a mere thong between toes. Even the most strappy sandals have a heel, and a real, honest-to-god sole.

And if you are walking to work, wear running/walking shoes! Flip flops provide no support, hence the "flip flop" name. But then the Nikes come
off when you are at your desk!

Let's make this simple: If you can wear it in the gym shower, you cannot wear it in the office. 'Nuff said.

(oh, and I don't
care how bedazzled and bejeweled they are. They. Are. Not. Shoes.)

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