Friday, November 27, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Vol. XVII

First, the BIG NEWS: My best friend is getting married! She called me yesterday to tell me the news. I am so excited and happy for her and her fiance. They are a great couple.

Other than that big news--thanksgiving was uneventful. I watched my high school band in the parade--they were the big purple group before Santa, weren't they great!?--made biscotti, and then headed over to my parents'. We watched Star Trek, had dinner from Bob Evans', and then played Apples to Apples. Dad won. It was a great day with lots of good food.

It snowed last night. First snow of the season. It's mostly gone now, but there's still some wet powder clinging to my back porch. Hey, if the first snow of the year is on November 26, I'll take it.

I also have today off, so yesterday I was singing the "four days off! four days off!" song.
Can you tell I'm really excited about that?

Bought House seasons 3 and 4 for $12 apiece this week, so I'm making my way through those.

Want an early Christmas miracle? I've been to the gym twice this week. And I'm going today.
Maybe I subconsciously knew my best friend was getting married, and I had a wedding to prepare for?  I mean, cute guys might be there.

Also making progress in my biblical studies class--planning on starting my second assignment today.
Oh, and the novel? Up to 159 pages.

Have a great Black Friday, y'all!

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