Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey, whatever happened to...

That novel you were writing, some of you may be asking?
This is my problem as a writer. I get ideas. I think they are good. And then I go to write them down.
And then...they die.
As in, I write the good parts. Or as far as I can go. And then the characters just languish in writing hell, 99.9% of them never to be freed (or, at least, completed).
This, to put it vulgarly, sucks.
But there is one--one!-- writing project that show signs of emerging from my MacBook in completed form. Whether anyone else will see the completed form is debatable. But it might actually get there. 
That's this.
I have written, at last count, 158 pages.
That's 55,715 words (and change), at least according to Word.
So that's a lot of writing.
I want to get one draft done--completely, utterly, finished. I want to write THE END.
Actually, I've already written the last scene. It wasn't hard.
Now I just have to get there, and I can sort of see the end in sight. I just have to determine how to write it.
But anyway, I just thought you'd like to know about The One Project That Didn't Disappear.

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