Monday, March 02, 2009

Quick takes

  • Where have I been? I've been playing dress up. (above, Jay and I before Act II's Governor's Tea Dance scene)
  • Books: Just got a new Duck's Cottage book, the Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon. After our last Duck's Cottage book club read, I decided I needed to read more about Japan! So I ordered this, as well as The Tale of Genji, from Jaime. Tale is back ordered so will be coming soon! Also, we get our March/April Duck's Cottage book this week. Very exciting reading times.
  • Movies: Watched the Nureyv/Fonteyn Swan Lake. Very good, but too many close-ups of Nureyv and his slightly too bright blue eye make-up. Also got Renee Fleming in Manon at the Paris Opera. I have only watched Act I (it's long) but I just love Renee Fleming. I also love that it's in French so I don't need to totally rely on the subtitles.
  • Listening to: Renee's Four Last Songs. Divine as usual.
  • The Fan Club: Grandma and Pa are coming to see the show on Thursday with my parents and possibly my brother. On Sunday the 8th are my HAC friends!

  • Above: Me with two of my favorite CF nurses, who came to Opening Night!

  • Health stuff: I had a visit with the CF clinic on Thursday (day of our last dress rehearsal), and everything is so great! I saw Terri and Dr. M (aka God), of course, and Dr. Kirby, who I hope is going to do more tx clinic stuff, because I really like him. The last PFT set in my file was 7/3/05. Very, very scary (and...8 days pre-transplant). The set I made on Thursday was in the 70s. Yeah, I rule like that. Not taking enzymes any more and are adjusting the doses of some meds. Man it was great to see everyone!
  • This week: Really, nothing. Weird not to have rehearsal! On Thursday we have a show, and then again on Sat. and Sunday (Sunday matinee). I hope we really pack 'em in. With a good review and very positive word-of-mouth, we should!

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