Monday, March 16, 2009

"End of Show"

We gave our last performance of Parade yesterday. I can't believe that, having done this show all year (with the casting info being sent out shortly after Christmas) that it's all over! But I learned so much doing this show, and there are many things I will miss, in particular:
  • Standing in the wings with Aaron, watching Jay sing "The Old Red Hills of Home"
  • Skipping out onto the stage.
  • Waving my Confederate flag at the governor's float
  • Being dragged around the stage by Drew during "Big News!"
  • Singing at Mary's grave (very cathartic)
  • The Factory Girls and Jon's dance
  • "That's What He Said"!
  • the gloves I wore for the governor's tea dance
  • watching Jon dance in his cell during "This Is Not Over Yet."
  • The end of "Where Will You Stand?", when we went to the front of the stage and the footlights came up.
  • The hanging and sh'ma
  • The Finale
  • And...Jay's sippy cup.

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