Saturday, March 07, 2009

7 Quick Takes--The Parade Edition

The Fan club roster: Tiffany and Bill; Mr. and Mrs. Dulmage; Gary and Amanda; Tom and Andrea; Branden; Suellen; Mom and Dad; my grandparents; Rita; Beth; My dentist and her husband (her daughter is Mary in our show); Erica (from work--unwittingly!); Amy L. Tomorrow I've got Missy, Katie and Sarah, and a bunch of Hilliard people!

We were WIRED tonight. Not sure what was going on.

So was the audience (almost as big as last week). They clapped at EVERYTHING. Rachel, our costume designer, was in the audience and afterwards she agreed--"They clapped when there should have been no clapping!"

My dentist brought me TJ's flowers! So I have two bouquets on my counter now.

Eileen (Mrs. Phagan) comes offstage post curtain call cracking up. "I said...I said....I said, 'We'll sing Jimmy once again!'" Wow. (The line is: "we'll sing 'Dixie' once again.")

Jon made us quardruple-chocolate cookies. Aaron ate 7. They were that good.

During warm-up, the pit guys decided to play a round of "Let's try to play other people's instruments!" Very amusing to see our bass player trying to handle Woodwind Boy's flute.

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