Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprung

And that means....Emily busy. :)

--First of all: Go Pens! What a game!

--This April has been one of the nicest I can remember,if not thenicest. It didn't rain or snow on my birthday, which is a major weather accomplishment. And it's just been beautiful all around. On Thursday Karen and I went out to eat at a restaurant in the Arena District, sat on the patio and ate appetizers while people walked and jogged by (or walked their dogs). It was a perfect night for that, and it was so much fun to just sit there and enjoy good food and being in good company.

A note about that last part--none of it would've been possible without my donor. Since it's donate life month, if you AREN'T an organ donor (and seriously, kids, why aren't you?), go do it, please? The little miracles that result from your decision are so important.

--Reading is just insane. I have way more books that I know what to do with. Time for another book shelf....

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