Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5Ks...and other things

I think I'm going to do the Race for the Cure in May. We'll have to see how motivated I am, because I don't want to just do it (I know I can walk it), I want to do it well. So that means more hitting the treadmill, and going outside once Tiff is home and I can walk with her and the canines. And there's the Dash for Donation in July, which is always a Big Event for me.

Speaking of LOOP stuff, tomorrow is the annual Candlelight Vigil, so if you're in town, come out! I'm working the food tent pre-event (I know, I know...I will not eat all the cookies, I will not eat all the cookies!). It's a great event and we'd like to see many people!

I am on a book binge. I have so many books yet to read it's sort of ridiculous. I think I've got about four working currently. Yikes.

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Amber said...

The Vigil always falls on a night I can't go! Did it go well?!

I spent all day yesterday at my old high school doing organ donation presentations for 7 1/2 hours! Days like that are so long yet so rewarding.

Hope you're doing well :)