Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update time

Tomorrow will be the "one week" mark, and things are, in general, going OK. Sleeping is still a very off and on proposition, which irritates me, because we know how much I love my sleep. :) It also doesn't help that's it's been pretty humid here, with a lot of thunderstorms, which I generally like, but they don't seem to like my head. (Or my head doesn't like them. One of the two.) But in the grand scheme of life, things aren't too bad.
Still reading like a fiend...read Elizabeth Berg's Until the Right Thing Comes Along last night, which was pretty good. Not my favorite of hers, but it's OK. It was a quick read, which is what I wanted, to take away from the War and Peace and B XVI book madness!
Also watched The Painted Veil...check out the 11th Commandment for more on that. :) (Yes, a shameless plug. Hah!)

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