Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ear notes

Something I've noticed...
A lot of people seem to think that since I need a C.I., that I'm deaf and can't hear anything. That's not exactly true. I'm always getting asked "can you hear that?" or "I hope you can hear this" if I'm at a concert.

It's not a question of "hearing." I can hear sounds. I know when people are talking and I know when people are talking to me. It's a question of deciphering what I'm hearing, which is what the CI will help with. Right now, there aren't that many of the "Hairs" left in my cochlea that pick up sound. As a result, my brain has sort of "forgotten" what certain things sound like. So it's the translation of sound into information. I can still hear certain things, even though some upper pitch ranges are gone, which is why I usually can't hear phones or doorbells or microwave ovens. It's also why men's voices are easier to understand than kids or some women.

Wanted to clear that up for all of you--I can still hear , I just might not be able to understand .

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