Sunday, May 20, 2007

Books! Again!

I love this meme, from Fr. Z and the Hermit. So even though no one's tagged me I'm doing it, darn it!

Three fiction books everyone should read:
1) Jane, Pride and Prejudice
2) Michael Cunningham, The Hours
3) Milton, Paradise Lost

Three non-fiction books everyone should read:
1) Thomas Howard, On Being Catholic (even if you're not Catholic, dag nab bit)
2) David McCullough, John Adams or 1776 (depending on your stamina)
3) JPII, Crossing the Threshold of Hope

Three authors everyone should read:
1) Jane! Jane! Jane!
2) Dostoevsky (at least once)
3) C.S. Lewis

I tag Nutmeg and Liz. If they read this. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Em! Of course I'm reading your blog! :) I check it practically every day & am always happy to see a new posting. I'm glad you "tagged" me and I will post my response on my blog! :) In the meantime, check your email & let me know what you think about the Pope's new book. More importantly, I'll be thinking about you while you're in surgery & praying for your safe recovery. :) I'll email you again later this afternoon - I'm on call, again, *sigh* tonight. :) Lotsa love,
Liz :)