Saturday, March 03, 2007

Real food!

OK, really not real food. Jello. Broth. Juice. And usually all the same color...well, except for the broth, which has about a 10 minute lifespan of goodness before it's just not even worth eating. Oh well. Dad and Mom were very cruel and brought in Chipotle and Panera and ate it in front of me. This, as we know, is wrong and violats one of Emily's Hospital Rules. But oh well. Dad did try to make up for it by brining me chips that I may be able to eat tomorrow. May. We'll have to see what the numbers and Dr. A say, but if I can keep down these delectable meals then I should be able to try something actually worth eating, eh? That's what I thought. And I am so hungry. I've been planning menus for the game night party that I'm having soon and thinking about my birthday dinners (one with family, one with friends) and getting very hungry doing that. VERY hungry. So maybe I should stop. Oh well.
I am also off the constant fluids and we're going to sloooowly try to get oral meds back in the picture. Woohoo!

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