Monday, March 12, 2007

I am smarter than a 5th grader!!

From that new Jeff Foxworthy show (h/t: Number 1 Happy St. )

Here are last night's questions:
- Who was the first President of the U.S. to be impeached?
- What month does Columbus Day fall?
- What's the name of the ship that the Pilgrims used to sail to America?
- Do polar bears eat penguins?
- If the area of a triangle is 16 sq ft and the base is 8 ft, how many ft is the height?
- What does R.E.M. stand for?

1) Andrew Johnson during Reconstruction
2) October
3) The Mayflower
4) No they don't even live in the same place; Polar Bears at the North Pole, Penguins at the South. If you've seen Happy Feet you know penguins have other things to worry about (like seals).
5) No idea. I hate math.
6) Rapid Eye Movement. It's when you're dreaming.

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