Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey!

It really is an incredible journey....

First I thought I'd get out of here at 4 b/c we do the vanco at 2. But no. We did vanco levels around 1:30 and had to wait to see if we wanted to adjust the dose. Well I guess we didn't. Then we had to wait for the dose to come up because we may do some here and then some at home. Then we decided (OK, The Powers That Be decided) to do the whole dose here. Starting at 4:10. Which means I don't get to leave for like another hour.


But at least Julie came by and we went over the discharge stuff so we are cool with that. And now we're doing the vanco every 12 hours (Q12), which is easier but also a pain w/ work in the AM. So I think we're going to do a 5 and 5 schedule so I can get to work at my normal start time of 7:30. This is where showering at night is actually a benefit. And I can do the TOBI at 6:00 am while I finish the vanco infusion. So this will all work out and hopefully I can go to work on Friday! I am planning on going to the Soup Supper and Choir at church tomorrow night which should be good. I want out of here....

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